Zoé discovered the refined art of lacquer painting (“sơn mài” literally meaning “to paint and to sand”) while living in Vietnam. This practice is pretty much at the exact opposite of photography since it is so time-consuming. Every layer of lacquer has to dry before being able to apply the next. The natural beauty of lacquer enhanced by the use of colored pigments, eggshells, silver and golden leaves reveals all its shine and depth once sanded and polished.


The series "WORK IN PROGRESS" is about the unrestrained development taking place in Hoi An, Vietnam, for several years now. Old traditional houses are being knocked down, fish ponds are being drained and filled in to build modern concrete houses, often serving the tourism industry. Despite the increase in income of the local population, this issue contributes to the destruction of the traditional lifestyle in the countryside.
Zoé aims to show her preoccupation with this topic by creating images that show details of this construction, beautified by the natural shine of Vietnamese lacquer.